Tools of the trade


Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 | Audio Interface

  • Two line in/XLR inputs w/ independent gain control
  • Two preamps
  • Separate gain control for monitors and headphone outputs
  • Simple, aesthetically clean, and works 

Yamaha HS8 | audio Monitors

I upgraded from M-AUDIO StudioPro 3s to these behemoths.  They take up a huge chunk of real estate, as Yamaha recommends five feet of distance between them and a wall, but what they eat up in room space they make up for in clarity.

M-AUDIO Oxygen8 V2 | midi controller

My second equipment purchase a decade ago, I'll probably trade this in for a two octave semi-weighted midi controller; this keyboard has been invaluable in drafting melodies and chords, it features:

  • 8 knobs
  • A pitch bend wheel and modulation wheel
  • Playback buttons that help w/ work flow

It's no frills, but it does what I need it to do.

AKAI MidiMix | midi controller

  • 9 sliders (1 standalone for Master gain)
  • 24 knobs

I bought the MIDIMIX as a supplement to my midi controller; I found myself needing more knobs for MIDI CC mapping while creating patches in VSTs such as Absynth 5 or Kontakt. It's such a low cost addition for the value it provides when creating instrument patches, crafting dynamic soundscapes, and automating the different instrument and effect parameters in those soundscapes.

LG Ultra Widescreen | video monitor

Widescreen profile is useful for: 

  • Laying audio files/patterns in playlists
  • Having a larger screen to, say, watch a video or use a photo as reference when coding or creating art.
  • Editing multiple objects when programming is easier in a wide screen format

Screen is important when placing audio monitors; larger screens mean a wider you have the more that widens the place between your speakers optimal position.  I took the best of both situations, and sacrificed two larger screens for one screen that takes up less space than the former.  This setup works well for me.

Logitech m510 | Wireless Mouse

  • Boasts back/forward buttons in a convenient location
  • 2-year battery life
  • 1 USB receiver for both my keyboard and mouse (one USB port connecting two devices)
  • USB ports are paramount for audio and hard drives peripherals, so the last point is a nice feature.

Logitech k750 | wireless Solar Keyboard

  • Powered by the sun.
  • 1 USB receiver for both my keyboard and mouse (one USB port connecting two devices)
  • Again, it simplifies my cable management!

Otamatone Deluxe | Instrument

  • It's adorable.
  • Kind of warm, slightly over driven single OSC portamento Sawtooth Synthesizer
  • Has an 1/8" line output and an addition 1/8" line output for effects input via Otomatone APP (Yeah, it's adorable).
  • Did I mention it's adorable?