Inspired by Tamagotchi, Animal Crossing, SA2 Chaos Garden, Digimon World, and a slew of other games, Gitchi Gotchu Garden is a carewave game about friends, fun, and self-care.


As the new Community Pal of Gardenia you'll tend to the town park and befriend Gardenia's citizens, the ami.

Please, help them grow from babami (babies) to adultami (adults), and watch them move to town and live out their aspirations.

Each type of ami has unique ideas about what adultami means to them.

Foster diversity in Gardenia by befriending many types of ami!


Help adultami run their shops and businesses once they head into the city. Here a pink toad cutie runs a tea & biscuit bar with yoga mats.

Planned Features Include:

  • Customizable tiny homes

  • modern gotchi raising sim mechanics & UX

  • gardening, meditation, and other carewave activities

  • tournaments

  • fun town activities (tea shops, late night shows, etc)

  • help and hang out w/ Adultami after they move into town & open shops

  • a few other secret things

Meditate in a garden with the ami you mentor.